Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random acts of kindness and i'll be away for a while

Ya know,it's been a while since I last posted
I have been in awe of the new comp,so much so that i've spent lotsa time on it,without caring to post on this blog
I'm sorrry
I'm so sssoooorrry!

I am back,but not for long though as I prepare for my trip to South Africa and South America with my family

Today I have been the recipient of a random act of kindness,that although small,did make my day.
I was downstairs to grab a cup of coffee from the coin vending machine,but I was short 10 cents when I yelled over at my colleague who was sitting on the pile of application forms, waiting for the transport to come and pick it up.
However,he didn't have 10 cents, and after a bit of rummaging in my pockets,it was futile as well.
So I was resigned to buying a cup of coffee, hot, not my preference when there's ice nescafe just begging to be had from the vending machine.
And then,this chap who was sitting near the machine just piped up and said "hey,you need 10 cents right?here you go!"
and taddaaaa!
I get my nescafe ice,in a cup,instead of just plain ol hot nescafe.
thank you kind stranger for the little acts of kindness that keeps my faith in the goodness of mankind

thank you stranger!
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