Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chinese Boys Can't Rap

B.O.B. on da leftizzle, Bruno Mars on da rightizzle doin their thang'

I must admit,I am shite at rapping.
I just attempted to do the rap part of B.O.B. feat. Bruno Mars - Nothing On You....

Needless to say,I didn't do so good.

So i'll leave the rapping to the pros.

Another B.O.B. song, - Airplanes feat. Hayley Williams (Paramore lead singer.Yes,only found that out when I googled.Thanks Google.)

I think the chorus is pretty catchy and meaningful for those wanting a frickin wish right now,wish right now.

alas,the rap part,though appreciated,cannot be emulated.
Sigh,it sucks to be chinese.Rapping isn't in our blood.

(but major props and resTECP for LMF for really bringing the canto rap up and running)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quotes of the day

I really have to hand it to my colleague to supply a few quotes of a section I'd like to start up

He's really full of crap,and he supplied me with these beauties today:

1)When asked to buy me lunch at Pepper Lunch (coz he lost a bet)
"Dude,I'm already broke. Do you want me to be broken?"

2)When I randomly sang a song at the carpark
(looks at me) "Dude,I might get so stunned that I'll slam you in the face man. You're so random, I can be random too."

3)When commenting that he's really full of shit
"Dude,I'm not full of shit, it's just that I didn't flush"

Teeny Bopper Special

Well,when you're wildly successful with your teeny pop and haven't-hit-puberty-kinda voice, there's bound to be lovers and haters.
Guess which one I am

Only happens when you don't particularly like his songs, and when you switch radio stations,they play the same song, at the same damn timing (not time,i mean timing,as in if it starts at 8.30am on, it starts at 8.30am on
and this happens in the morning on the way to work.


Monday, May 24, 2010

When you're rich

Well, when you're super rich,what else can u spend money on besides jets,holidays,villas and an island or 2(here's looking at you Mr. Branson)

well,here's some other things that might not yet have been purchased by the rich folks.

One day,I too wish to own some of these things just for the heck of it

Friends' Forever

It's great when you have friends,and better when you record moments to share and store it in cyberspace, where,barring a situation like the Terminator series, will always be there to look upon 50 yrs from now(at least,that's if current technology doesn't evolve tremendously)

have a sneak peek at me and my friends here

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who's The Special One?

Jose Mourinho,very special alright.

The guy's a winner through and through. Though his methods may not win the world over like a certain Pep Guardiola,you gotta hand it to the guy that he produces results.
Inter have now gotten the monkey off their back after 50 odd years,and in doing so,joining the unique "treble winners club" (last folks who did it were a certain Man United, who coincidently beat Inter's opponents tonight to achieve the treble.Thus,Bayern Munich must be holding the record for "Treble Winner's Bridesmaids".Sucks to be them)

A certain galactico project owner must be salivating at his alleged target's achievements.

Anyhow,the match was decently entertaining.Immense tactical discipline from Inter,never ever allowing Robben to cut inside onto his favourite left foot to let fly (why is it that only Mourinho realized this,and not Prandelli,Ferguson,Claude Puel?)

Diego Milito proved the difference in the end,with very very cool finishing indeed.And the ability to craft chances for himself as the lone wolf upfront. The first goal,route 1 football with a simple pass from Sneijder.The second goal, fooling Van Buyten so well that he had time to open up his body and pick out the corner and plant the ball beyond the despairing reach of Butt(u read that right.And no relation whatsoever with Nicky)

Thus, I now owe my colleague lunch as I picked Bayern to win, though I knew Inter would win it. I just like supporting the underdogs,and I have a certain respecting dislike of Jose Mourinho.His teams don't play pretty football,but boy are they efficient.

So here's congratulations to Inter Milan,Champions of Europe,Serie A,and Coppa Italia for 2010

Wonder when Mourinho's going to Real Madrid.He could probably get the best out of Benzema(woeful),Higuain (not quite perfect yet,but still amazing) Kaka,Ronaldo et. al.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Times' a' changin

It's great that Malaysian Censorship board has actually progressed in the last decade.
if it was a decade ago,this movie above might probably be renamed to something like "Super Masked Men" or something like that.

Remember the below?

Yeah,you know it's called Hellboy, but it was censored to...Super Sapiens.
WTF you say.
I wonder if CNN covered it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Apple Lovers

For all you Apple product lovers,here's probably something you'd have orgasms about if it were to come true.

Steve Jobs, doing a great job.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zidane's got time

Bahaha,with a little MS paint, Zidane gets a nice little title for this picture.
I was browsing around google images, and most of the pictures in the first 5 pages were about him headbutting Materazzi (the prick deserves it)
Here's some from different angles,in case you would like to relive it

Look at the concentration on Zidane's face

Yeah,feel that Materazzi you prick!

I wonder how many kids have tried to emulate Zidane (his skills,as well as that headbutt above)

Euro is fxxed?

Times like these when a prominent euro figure's gotta do it lemur style like below:

(This is Michel Platini by the way,nothing much to do with European Union Politics, but is the President of UEFA,Europe's football governing body)

me dad always says,when you spend more than you earn,you're fxxed (well,he didn't use profanity,but that's pretty much what he meant.

and when you let some overspenders into the group,well,you're eventually gonna have to pay up.
but I wonder,how the heck did Greece rack up that kinda debt?
thats a 100-odd billion away frommmm.......wait for it.......a TRILLION euro's of debt!
must be some kinda record that.
and whose money was spent I wonder.can't be all the german marks now can it?

serious stuff goin down up there in europe.

Is the European Union heading to collapse?
Does this mean that it will crash,hence allowing us asians with weak currency to live the dream of being able to travel to europe at a cheaper exchange rate?
Yes please!
lets have it happen and we can buy ourselves a bunch of euro for safekeeping for a certain eurotrip later on in our lives.
Read this article for a little bit more info on the repercussions of bad debt

Thursday, May 13, 2010

When Shite hits the Fan

ya know,sometimes, ya just gotta be the lemur

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All I want for christmas is a trip for 2 to Bora Bora at St. Regis

alright,you guys have GOT to watch this and then drool and wish you either worked on some airline or are married to someone who does
OR born with a silver spoon in your mouth

of course,there are plenty of other videos,which i'm pretty sure you'll be spending some time just having a gaze at the other bits n pieces of bora bora

and can anyone tell me if I can embed(if that's the word) video straight into this blogspot space of mine?like how facebook does it?

Also,here are some pictures for you to ogle at while you wait for that youtube video to lock and load

How the frickin awesome is this!

A chalet on top of the water where u can just climb down and wade?YES PLEASE!

Clear blue water?check!nice jetty?check,wooden chalets?check!this is awesome!

Oyeah,I know you want to go there.Look at them people wading in the shallow end!it's that awesome!

Social Networking

I am on Twitter
So I have completed the unholy trinity of social networking media:
b)A blog (which you're reading here)
c)twitter (coz sabalai said I should
I kinda like the default twitter page.simple like the way it should be

and guess what,I failed my first attempt couple attempts at updating my profile.
the site said, Too many tweets!

So I guess there's just wayy too much twittering going on.
mebbe coz half of America has already woken up and gotten their morning coffee and zipped into the office,late,but unnoticed like modern day ninja's...just to find a pile of crap their bosses threw on their desks coz they weren't around early enough to politely say,"I think you should refer to so-and-so for this project,since they're more familiar with it.
and since they're in a rage,might as well tweet it!

and don't forget,i'm guessing teens do most of the tweeting, where here in Malaysia,it's supper time!time to let people know you're at a particular mamak nearby,so that your best mates can say,"I'm hungry too!see you in five!"
and over in America,they're grumbling bout yesterday's homework and what schemes to plot today,and probably get into an argument over who's the hottest girl/guy in school

Europe,I'm not forgetting you.I'm guessing it's more or less after lunch,everyone's nice and cosy and seems to be dozing off after a great lunch(fish n chips,spaghetti,pizzas,tapas,haggis,kebabs etc.)great to yell out you've got a full tummy and snoozing on a sofa would be the immediate best dream come true (don't worry,I wish that on an almost daily basis!)

anyhoo,hit me up on twitter,imma post it up on the bottom left corner of the About me section (where the panda photo is.It's cool,i'm just a panda)

so tweet away folks!

If Squinting is what you're doing on the Web

Some probably handy tips for those who don't know yet
For the uninitiated,most browsers nowadays support ctrl+mouse scroll up or down to enlarge/shrink your zoom in zoom out feature(makes fonts and pics bigger or smaller)

so if you see this blog is tiny,just ctrl+mouse scroll up and you can see bigger fonts.
will chop and change this blog template,so expect a number of ctrl+mouse scrolling

keyboard shortcut?
ctrl+shift+"+" or "_" (on a laptop that doesn't have a keypad)

On a normal keypad, you can try ctrl+"+" or "-"

that should do the trick

Monday, May 10, 2010

Memory lane,Banana style! (Australian Edition)

Well,lets track back a bit into the past so that we can see some of my favourite bits of my history.
There will be posts that will cover stuff about history mind you,but this time round,it's memory lane time,Banana Style!

lets track back to back when I was a student in Sydney
I gotta say,Sydney is one of my favouritest places in the whole wide world,but i guess it's coz i spend a good 2 yrs there on holiday.
I mean,spent a good two years there completing my degree at University of Technology via the twinning programme with Taylors

we'll use pictures in this blog,so that folks will know what I'm talking bout.I'm pretty damn sure that I will popularise Sydney here,thus,increasing the tourism traffic into Sydney and helping the Australia reach unbeknown economic heights through the increasing talents and job filling capabilities of foreign migrants. I will soon be given the keys to to city,made an honorary Sydneysider,be given my pick of the property(for free of course) on Bondi Beach(one of the best places in Sydney)

Yeap,you guessed it!It's a feeble attempt at spelling B-O-N-D-I
Apparently the D didn't really feel like being a D (that's a friend nicknamed NUT there.will not ever tag him in case he goes nuts when he reads this,and I then will find myself homeless)

Bondi Beach. Sexy I must say(The beach,and yours truly)

Ok,so I went through my pics and find that that pics above there is pretty much one of the few Bondi Beach pictures that I have saved till this date.Crap.I should grab them off my friends
Anyhow,there's quite a bunch of other things that can be enjoyable at Bondi,like the pork ribs at Hurricane(oops,post yg tak halal.Minta maaf ya.Must learn to put a disclaimer)
you can stroll around the town as well(small beach town,very stroll-able)

Also,the very fact that Bondi Beach is a 20ish minute ride away from the city where we lived,makes it all the more awesome when you consider what we have here in KL,Malaysia.
Nearest decent one...Port Dickson.
a)not easily accessible without a car (have never checked the public transport there,don't want to)
b)not really clean (I know all of your reading this will be nodding your head)
c)food is regular stuff
d)not many bikini babes (I know all you GUYS will be nodding your head)

and Bondi is just the opposite of the above!

So,for more info on Bondi Beach,you could probably google it,or try here:
*I only googled that and copy pasted here just to increase the length of my post.

Well,so far that's a little tidbit that I can share with you lot on Sydney,until next edition!

Banana slips

ok,so some of you may have thought that I am a creative genius and devoted to my mom and whatnot.
true on the latter account,but devoted is not the word to use.
I love my mom lots,even though most of my communication with her is a series of grunts and burps.

the topic of my mother's day post is actually ripped off from a manga I was reading.
Read it if you have a slapstick sense of humour(from the start that is)
and yes, I did think of my mom then,and my sister,and the other girls in my life(yes,there's more than 1)

am still clicking around here and there on this blogspot thingy to figure out the functions.
once I can add powerpoint slides and do extended animations using C++ programming,I guess this blog'll rock alot of socks.

Am feeling in a posting mood,and looking as there is quite little content in this blog,I just may go on a posting spree(mebbe dub it as banana splurge?)

keep your eyes peeled(no banana skin pun intended)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Woman's Best Makeup Is Her Smile

As I launch this blog,just so happens an important date rolls by,which most of us in the commercialized world celebrate.
I'm talking about Mother's day
and it's one of the best days ever

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Everyone's Favourite Banana!

I have joined the blogosphere!
I gotta say that I did have a blog some eons ago,on this obsolete social networking platform called..uhmm..what was it?
Guess facebook obliterated it from the social network-o-sphere and anything and everything that went with it.

So what shall I do with my first post?
I'd explain the naming of the blog if you please.
This name struck me as I was taking a shower,and then I googled it to see if there was anything by the name of the blog,lest I be accused of plagiarism.
Lo and behold, I am unique!Everyone's Favourite banana cake doesn't quite cut it,and i'm surprised google came up with a video;Death Note, Banana Phone to correlate with my search!

Anyhow,it is a nickname that a few of my friends do call me,among other things not postable (yet) on this family friendly blog.

What does it mean by the way?
Well,for the uninitiated,when you call a chinese kid a banana, it means that english is their native tongue,and they're chinese(yellow skin)
so,something that's white on the inside....with yellow skin outside.....yes,you guessed it!it's a frickin banana!

Thus,the banana is born, and my aim is to make it everyone's favourite banana (not to confused with naughty innuendos)

I will be joining the twitter branches,since apparently cool people do it (snigger at carpet hair and sabalai,who I will figure out how to tag/shoutout/whatever you call it once I familiarise myself with these blogging options.
Till then...keep reading folks!
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