Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Yes,some random crap once in a while will do one good.

I am gonna suit up in the morning!

Be cool and suit up!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Midweek Funnies and illegal immigrants

Yeaps,it's gonna be Wednesday, the middle of the working week.3 days to go to the oh so lovely sleep-in-till late sat-uhh-day

Why Harry Potter is much better than Twilight is highlighted by this dumbass question.

Jokes aside,I had a pretty awesome weekend with me pals, and a BONUS pal who I haven't seen in a while(balik coz visa expiring..ahahaha.lest he be deported)

On Saturday,I had me some good food at Starhill Gallery.For those not in the know, they have a 3-6pm promotion where a few places like Shook!, the Korean place and the Chinese place have a special menu with most items retailing at RM3.60.Yes,you saw right, Starhill,Shook!,RM3.60 a dish.
Of course,don't expect the dishes to be large enough to feed the Weasley Twins.But order enough,and you'll soon find yourself quite stuffed.I have tried both Shook! and the Chinese place, and I found the menu to be quite decent.Grab the sausage at Shook!,it's pretty tasty!and the Chinese place has pretty good Fried Kuay Teow, and each dish for the not so princely sum of RM3.60.nice!
After all the food, we decided to go karaoke!
woot!haven't done that in a while.SO lets go! honestly,I haven't been practicing my chinese songs, so was a little rusty there.However,I did rock a few rap verses,especially Knock You Down by Keri Hilson feat Kanye West and Ne-Yo.That was so awesome when I managed to pull off at least 80% of the rap bits!WooT!
First attempt at Eminem's verses on Love the Way you Lie kinda tanked though.That guy is just genius.
Long story short, sang enough to lose most of my voice by the end of the session (8-12.30am woots!)

Sunday rolls around,and it's time for futsal!
My illegal immigrant friend joined me for my usual round of futsal on the weekend.
We kicked ass:) Mainly coz he's pretty good and has lotsa stamina. So I just hung back and let him do all the attacking,mainly coz I have a bit of a broken toe-nail, so didn't feel like bombing around getting into needless challenges and end up hurting myself again.

Then off for dinner with my family and my unc and aunt who're visiting from New Zealand
Yay for seafood near the Tropicana City Mall area.Don't ask me where,I just followed my sis there.
The butter prawns and butter crab and pissing prawns are pretty good there.and the fried man tou is awesome when u dip it into the butter crab sauce!Sin in a bun!

After dinner,it's time to watch football!
Watched it with my illegal immigrant friend near his place. Chelsea V Arsenal.
Man,it's really like men vs boys sometimes.and what's the deal with The Drog always scoring against Arsenal?With a ridiculous backheel as well! go youtube that folks!
did catch the Barcelona game as well,and boy,did Pep take a gamble leaving out Xavi.With Messi et. al misfiring and pretty good fortune from..Mallorca I think (2 shots, 1 goal) they only got a draw out of their home game.

So Monday is upon me.......time to get to work.....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

An electrical blackout when you're in the middle of a dump is challenging

Oh boy,wat a day.
when I get back home from having a yumcha session with my friends, all I want to do is sit down on the throne and have me a nice session together with some reading material (picked up a magazine from work)

as I am roughly near the tail end of my business,the neighbourhood experiences a blackout.
in an instant,my senses heightened,my instincts kick in.
The memories of my surroundings immediately begin to form in front of me as I frantically draw a picture in the pitch black darkness,where was the last known location of the toilet roll? what is in front of me?what position were my boxers in?where shall I toss the magazine so I wouldn't step on it and mess it up?
As these thoughts raced through my head,my instincts kicked in.
Calmly,I remembered the rough location of the toilet roll(about 30 cm to my right,sitting on the toilet roll dispenser)and began groping in the space void of light.
With the grace of an ice-skater,I roll an approximate length,using my mind's eye to visualize the length that will comfortably get the job done, with room for error,should there be any.
I subsequently apply the usage of the toilet paper with the utmost care and precision,making sure to utilize all my 25+ years of experience.
As my cousin aptly put,I am relying on muscle memory to carry out the job when my sight has been inhibited by the pitch black darkness.
Needless to say,with my 25+ years experience,no mishaps were encountered, and I safely maneuvered my boxers back on and washed my hands(also,using heightened senses and my minds eye to visualize where the tap and soap were the last time I used it)
Crisis averted.

Here's what happened immediately after the ordeal (still no electricity)
I decided to post on facebook with my mobile phone,coz these things should be shared on one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet in an attempt to make oneself sound really funny and/or witty.

Yes,I have not so smart friends, and a helpful cousin.guess who's who.
Names have been erased for protection of identity and protection from being super-ridiculed by our other friends.But photo has been kept for a tasty clue
See,I'm a nice guy fr.....oopps, almost gave the name away.
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