Monday, August 1, 2011

Very Awesome Sin & favourite songs

What a great weekend I've had!
First up on saturday, after picking up a friend from LCCT, it was seafood for dinner at Lala- Chong (go google it folks) where they serve a darn good butter crab (the kind with lotsa butter sauce) and fried mantou to boot! Their salted egg crab was quite a joy as well, although a fair bit pricey. No wait, actually damn pricey. I wouldn't mind too much about paying a few bucks more for the crab, but the other stuff like veg n tofu was a few bucks more than your average prices.
But one must never complain when in the presence of butter crab and fried mantou.
Sin incarnated never tasted this good!
But a little downside to it all was my runny nose.I think I am a little sick and this is confirmed the next day when I wake up.
After the dinner, went to enjoy Starbucks for a bit near my friend's place. Seeing as this is probably the last time I'll get to enjoy the American Express 1-for-1 offer, might as well eh?

Sunday I am up and feeling lethargic and all runny nose as well.
But that doesn't stop me from enjoying some Sunday futsal!wooohoooo!
and after that,Mahjong time with my buddies which just finished not too long ago.
Won me a little cash, but doing so under the effects of a runny nose and a fair amount of cold-sweating.I've popped a couple of panadols, and I am going to sleep in the next 10 minutes!

Currently listening to:
The marriage of pop + rap is always one of my favourite genres

Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts
This is awesome for so many reasons that it's pretty damn hard to explain.
It's one of those songs that you just like coz the rhythm and lyrics just hit the right note with you.

Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner
A newcomer to the rap music scene. and he ain't American!
all the way across the Atlantic, this guy hails from the UK and he's got some mean lyrics and great support from Eric Turner as the chorus vocalist.

Eminem feat. Pink - Won't Back Down
Just badass!ahahahaha!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Being a gentleman

Sometimes, us men need reminding about conducting ourselves in public, and ensuring the lady is always first in our minds through our actions

Here's a handy list for you gentlemen:

Don't forget,
Always hold the door for a lady, no matter who she is.

A Dream of World's End

my dreams have just been upgraded into an epic blockbuster movie.
Hollywood,here's one to chew on!

This dream starts off with me rushing to the premiere of a movie, running through several flights of stairs, and passing by a troupe of young men in green-ish costumes (whom I thought would be part of the entertainment for the premiere)
No problems there, though their body language seemed to tell they were uneasy.Must be the butterflies in the stomach.
So I make it to the premiere, and I seem to see a number of familiar faces,primary/secondary school friends littered around.
So, the movie begins (rather vague here)
However what happens next is that the cinema is shaking and when that happens, you just get your ass outta the cinema into open ground.
Now the beauty is that the cinema exit opens out to the ground floor and upon exit, shit really starts to hit the fan. There's a guy screaming "it's the rapture!don't move and you won't be hurt!!!"
Beside the cinema, is the same flight of stairs I ran up earlier and I can see green costumed dangling feet, and a couple more joining this most gruesome scene. Have the boys hung themselves?most likely
As I glanced towards the green-costumed boys, bursting out of the road, not too far from where I was standing, was a threatening kinda robot and a massive amount of four-legged, dog-sized creatures, whom at best I can describe as leafy brown caterpillars on four legs.
Now these creatures and the robots didn't exactly attack immediately, and the leafy brown caterpillars walked kinda slow.But I didn't stick around to find out if they could do damage or not.
I hightailed it outta there, leaving all the screaming and wailing behind me (and the rapture-yelling guy)

Now I get a flashback, and I'm in sort of a camp-like location, with a few of my secondary schoolmates playing with the campfire. I am given a gift of a pair of lime-green nike presto shoes (remember those?) for what I presume is my birthday. The next thing I know is that my friend's playing with the campfire are pointing some fireworks at me, the kind that shoot out small flaming balls of fire. Naturally I'm off running in my new nike shoes while my friends start shooting out those flaming balls at me, to which I manage to stop and catch a few of those balls and throw it back their way.

Back to present.
I'm running away from the robots and the caterpillar-dogs. down a slope, and as I reached the bottom of the very cracked road (think when invasions happen, everything just gets destroyed) my shoe(can't recall left or right) gets stuck in a crack and comes off my foot. I am wearing white socks by the way.
But I keep on running, and suddenly a wave of water comes and makes a river out of the road I was on. I manage to make it to higher ground, but there goes my shoe. Submerged in the water and possibly swept away by the newly formed river. To which I lament the fact that that shoe was a very important/sentimental gift for me, and vowed to recover it.

The Search and back with WTF thrown in for good mix
It is a long, hard search and I often come up empty handed in my search to recover my lost shoe. The surroundings are abandoned, destroyed buildings in the city. Imagine Will Smith's I Am Legend, or other post-apocalyptic movies out there and you'll get what I mean.
But of course,gotta keep the story going.
It seems that my search for my missing shoe is in vain, and after a non-specific time-frame, I find myself back at the cinema where this all started.
There is life in the cinema, and I find it has been converted into a survivor camp of sorts.
The majority of the population seem to be female. Why is this?
Perhaps it has something to do with a certain exit from the cinema, whom the ladies tell me only females can exit. There is a rumour that the exit is cursed.Any male attempting to use the exit will mysteriously die (with their head blown off for good measure)
Well, that's all ballyhoo for this brave adventurer isn't it?and I have a friend who's as brave as I.
Both of us walk the stairs to the exit, into the brilliant sunlight and as we cross the divide, what do we see?
There's a rather large outdoor pub full of life, laughter and merry-making (I am seriously not making this shit up) So this is where all the guys go, and why the ladies in the cinema have created the "curse of the exit". This is to refrain the young men from leaving the cinema to join the ranks of sleazy men in the pub.

A Tragic Ending
As me and my friend walk towards the pub, excited to hit the pub. My friend suddenly collapses with a certain medical condition(I am guessing he's having a heart attac) and I couldn't do much. As he lays on the road, he thanks me for being a good friend and hopes I enjoy my life.
To this, my dream now ends, as I hear an incessant beeping. Yeap, the alarm clock sounds.

Now, you are definitely thinking. WTF is this dude smoking??
I assure you I don't smoke any substance at all. However, this dream comes after I have had an excellent time partying with my colleagues at a milestone celebration party thing at Zouk Club. I had 3 glasses of wine. I did a little pole-dancing, I did a little normal dancing. All in all,everyone had a great time.So perhaps,the wine is doing much to drive my little dreamworld here.
I do sign-off today's post with a big "what the hell am I dreaming about"
I am as confused as you are.Trust me on this one.And quite recently that all these dreams have been occurring. I damn well hope it isn't work-related hidden stress. Coz if it is...I may have to re-evaluate myself...ahahaha
Well,let's see what tonight holds!

Monday, July 4, 2011

The dreams continue

This time in dreamland, I am whisked away to the land Down Under in a place that I assume is Sydney
Why is that?
Well, this time I am going to play volleyball with my friends from University of Tech, Sydney.
We will be having a match against some other dudes.
I seriously had some great camera panning action in my dream, from a floor-up sweep across our team who were in a line.
And a zoom out view of where we were playing. An outdoor volleyball court in a park which looked quite like one in Sydney.
got some shots of folks spikin the ball from the side,top of the net.
Anyhow..seems in this dream I have not arrived yet at the venue for the game.
there I am rushing up some stairs(from the train station I presume) to get to the park with some grocery bags and with my wallet and handphone in the bags.
I reach the top of the stairs and before I leave the stairs, I put down my groceries for some reason and walk out to check if I'm at the right station.
When I get back, *boom* the grocery bags are gone and I have lost my wallet and hp.yippie ky-aye

Scene change.It seems I'm in a hotel (it's got some old-school decor and there's the concierge guy with white gloves and a suit. There's the old school analog phone too)
Now I'm using the phone to call the American Express to report my stolen credit card and to get a replacement one.However,it seems that I am having trouble with the customer service rep...uh oh.
after this, I can't remember much..and I have the feeling that I'm floating in and out of the dream, like I am half awake while dreaming this dream.
and tadaaa,I'm awake!
It seems the 2nd part of the dream,where I am in a hotel has something to do with the Amex Platinum Dining Deals at Shangri-la(expired 30th June, and my bosses are calling me about the which it will be sorted on Monday..phew.Yes,more work-related dreams)

But the 1st part of the dream.
Wtf man....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

correction of my favourite quote

Well,not so much a correction, rather, posting the FULL quote. (missing a few lines in the original quote post)
This was also mentioned by this motivational talk person during this recent "strategic management offsite" at Avilion, Port Dickson(very awesome by the way)

-Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Asian Girl with long black hair

I will have one in my movie.
not involved as a character
but always in the background
won't be able to see her face
she's just there.

Everyday I'm dreaming

Ok....I'm a little concerned here.
I am beginning to notice that I am having a dream almost every day since last week.
Must be coz when I am still dreaming and half-awake stage(you know,when your dream gets interrupted by the damn alarm or sunlight), I realise I can remember a fair bit of the dream.

Well,last night I had a 2 part dream..sort of.
The first part consisted of me playing some golf on a course, and finding golf not too easy at all.
Perhaps it's coz I was using just an iron for all my shots, with a jet black club-head and shaft (I thought it looked real cool in my dream)
Naturally, I struggled with my game, and of course as a gentleman of the game, you let other golfers who've caught up pass you by while you slowly make your way to the green.
Mind you, the chaps that passed me were quite courteous.No condescending remarks at all.
Just a "thank you" and walk by.
This thing about this dream is that I could really feel the weight of the iron and the action of swinging the club and connecting with the ball to land it near the pin. Very real dreams indeed.

The 2nd part is a little more vague.
perhaps not much mention needed...but what happened is this:
Scene: Bunch of people gathered around a desk, with a whiteboard behind it. Now this whiteboard will show you your numbers and who you will be rooming with (for what I don't know)
Guess who I got?
NICKI MINAJ! ahahahahah!
Now I attribute this to the fact that I was viewing her videos on youtube an hour or so before sleeping.
So definitely, my recent memories have been included in my dreamworld.
Fascinating stuff isn't it?

Any dreams you've had lately folks?
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