Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pretty Baby Bump! Ga Ga Goo Goo!
How do I make the picture be the link?like,click the pic and you go to the blog?very tech un-savvy here peeps
I am very glad to introduce a blogshop that my friend Li-Yen setup with her sister,and I am pretty sure you guys can guess that it's got something to do with expecting mommies and probably the lil un' that pops out as well!
When I first heard she had this blog selling pregnancy and baby stuff I just had to blurt out, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?>????????" This happens when you have lightning quick reflexes,and you can type way faster before your friend can explain themselves.Practice helps.Go try

Anyhow,back to the blog,yes indeed it does sell a range of maternity stuff and baby's clothes that are quite darn cute I must say.
I am glad that I have a friend endeavoring in the maternity/baby business.This way,in 10 yrs time,I have an expert to refer to when Google can't give me an answer!

I've had a quick browse through the website, and they have some amazing stuff that I guess one would never know about unless they have kids.
for instance:
Breastmilk storage bags all the way from Korea! Kamshamida THAT!

Ok,I think you shouldn't take any statements I make here seriously.I am probably the last person on earth to be consulted on stuff like this,as I right now,I find these items quite amusing (I am childish that way)
Breast Shields anyone?mebbe I should get some for my colleague who has "man boobs" (LOL,you know who you are)

So,why don't you check it out if you're a mom/dad to be, already have a lil' tyke, a friend of those people mentioned there and you don't know what to get the small terror, or you like collecting baby clothes or maternity items (mebbe you should Google "Psychiatric Help" as well if you're the latter.Just a suggestion)

Believe it or not,I am option 3 ( a friend of ppl who've got small ones) and I think I should get them something...maybe later:)

Champs league Group Stages- dissapointing

I guess this year's champs league isn't gonna be offering much in terms of entertainment value.It seems underwhelming for me, and believe me,I have stayed up in the wee hours o' the morn on many a weekday night (during secondary school,college, and even work) just to catch some football action.

When the 2nd week of ties is the likes of this(live on espn and star sports):
Spartak Moscow V Zilina
Chelsea v Marseille
Arsenal v Partizan Belgrade

kinda makes me wanna just skip it.No disrespect to Zilina, Marseille, or Partizan(or Spartak as well),who I'm sure will manage to make quite a few headlines when I read Soccernet in the morning.
However,this year the matchups seem a little undercharged,and so far from what I've seen (Man U Rangers, Ajax Real) there seems to be less pizazz to the matches.I guess it'll be up to the refs to generate at least a few column inches rather than the performances of teams themselves
I suppose this boils down partly to all the money-spinning the Champions League can offer to the so called "lesser teams".It's all well and good if you're Real Madrid or Man U with very healthy support from the world over(and in Real's case,perhaps the municipal as well?$400mil++ for your old training ground?good piece of business for real)

The pick of the bunch I thought woulda been aired would be Real v Auxerre in the so-called group of death(that also includes Milan and Ajax.Past powers of european and domestic football.Yes,PAST)
Anyhow,sadly,the only champion in this group of death is...none?Lets not get into debate on this.

Seeing that most of the big guns have avoided each other in the group phases,perhaps this will set up more mouth watering ties in the latter stages (like,Barcelona V Milan.Welcome Home Ibra etc etc)

Can't wait for that to happen while I endure the group stages(well,at least the next 2 rounds serve up Real V Milan)TASSTTYYYY! That,I can stay up for:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Being sick sucks

I have been sick the past few days,with an inkling of a sore throat on Monday the prelude of what would be a nasty fever,followed by sore throat and ultimately with a combination of work and sickness,has put quite a strain on me the last few days.Phew
The last couple of days, I have been having a bit of cough to go with the lovely fever and sore throat,with a copious amount of phlegm being expended in the process.
I have a half broken toe-nail from futsal a couple of weeks ago(ouchies)
But I am not dead yet:)

I actually had a grand plan for my Sunday
Wake up,get a hair cut, go to the gym and sweat a bit.Come back and watch Transformers 2-Revenge of the Fallen on my 23 inch Samsung Monitor (yeaps,be jealous ya'll with your puny monitors.blekkkk)

Well,I at least got the haircut.skipped the gym coz i feel a little fatigued (this is coz I stayed up to watch the Real Madrid game.Sadly,Mourinho hasn't been doing a good job on Cristiano Ronaldo.That guy thinks he can win games on his own.Didn't see him try too many passes to anyone but Row Z of the Levante Stadium)

Anyhow, we'll see how it goes tomorrow, coz as of now I am still coughing sporadically and even bounding up the stairs already to treadmill like this?
Even worse,lets say I'm carrying a pair of dumbbells over my head,and suddenly start coughing,lord help me if they fall on my face(i can prevent it by carrying light weights,like,2.5 kg's.but,not much of a workout there right?)

In fact,I am quite enjoying the challenges that are ahead of me in work and getting my health back up to speed.

Here's something a friend of mine(can't remember who) shared a while ago and is nice and inspiring when you're feeling down(well,at least it got me pumped up.But i'm a sucker for inspirational words)

Kinda like how I'm feeling right now. Taking charge of my life.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love The Way You Lie - MASHUP - and punchable faces

I gotta say,i came across this mashup by Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider and I really gotta give it 10 outta 10 for a great mashup is now going to be my ringtone.once i hook up my phone to my pc
yeah,pc don't have bluetooth only coz i didn't/haven't put it in. 

too bad about the face
really feel like punching him.
on the KJBA  (Kicking Justin Bieber's Ass) index,watching the video for the facial expressions ranks as TCTKJBA (This Close To Kicking JB's Ass), which is a pretty high ranking.

luckily,he is somewhat saved with a pretty good voice,and the production skills of Sam and Kurt (the mixing at the end is done quite nicely indeed)

else,somebody gonna get a big hurt around here.

Not to rain on his parade or shoot him down coz I probably only have about a hair's width of his talent,but you really gotta check out his other vids, especially the one where he auditions for the Glee Cast(did he get it?I'm not sure.I'm guessing he didn't)
In there,he's up to his TCTKJBA facial expressions and if I was the Glee casting director...
I'd say,lotsa talent son,but guess you're trying tooo hard.
better leave the acting to the pros and stick with the mashups and stuff like that with ur buddy kurt.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've had quite the hiatus from my blog,and have received a couple of complaints that I haven't updated in a while
The reason?
Lazy for one, and once you lose a bit of momentum,it's hard to gain back.
The reason for momentum loss?
3 awesome weeks of HOLIDAY in 1)Cape Town, South Africa, and 2)Buenos Aires, Argentina (and another place in Argentina called Iguazu National Falls)

you want pictures?
hmm,lets share a couple then
This here is the Table Mountain National Park.It's got an awesome view of Cape Town itself, and is very very lovely to walk can access it via a 360 degrees rotating cable car that goes up quite fast(but smooth as well)

Here's another shot,of the other side of Table Mountain.lotsa rocks and sea to look at
The 3 wise owls, and me messing it up.It's daytime,and these barn owls are catchin some shuteye
This here is actually a rehab centre for injured and/or domesticated birds of prey(yeap,owls are birds of prey too)
This is Argentina,Iguazu, Bird Park. That's a toucan,and it's bloody cute!it's quite tame as well,and it allowed me to come near it so I could take this gorgeous picture.

This here is what we flew 2 hours on budget airfllight from Buenos Aires.Iguazu Waterfalls.Well,this is actually just 1 part of the many waterfalls that dominate the landscape of Iguazu National Park.
What's also interesting is that the river that makes the waterfalls is actually the border of Argentina and Brazil.So you can view the waterfalls from both sides!So yes,I got a bonus trip to Brazil as well(but just to see the falls,nothing else)
So there we have it folks.
some of the stuff that I have done while I was away for 3 weeks.
There's lots more pictures,but I doubt they'd fit.
Those of you lucky enough to be on facebook and are my friend will get to see a few more photos uploaded by my sister(tagging me as well) so you can enjoy yourselves there.Trust me,it's good photos.
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