Thursday, July 15, 2010


The day my mom called me to tell me the house got broken into and stuff got stolen, I was working on a saturday at the friggin Treats Fair.There's just too many people at the fair,and when you're on the end of endless customer queries and requests,that just doesn't help at all.

My first thought was,"damn,my saved games.especially my pokemon games" Yeah,I still play my pokemon.gotta catch em all I say.

Then,I embarrassingly admit my second thought.
"I should post this update on facebook using my mobile phone.maybe like this "house got broken into!laptop stolen!damn!"
Luckily,I didn't execute that.

However,my third thought brought me a little bit of sadness.
The loss of my intellectual property
You heard right.Intellectual property.My thoughts for and a whole nice beginning paragraph to begin my epic story of love,betrayal,conspiracy of the highest order and more love.Yeah,love is the theme to billion dollar goodness(think harry potter,twilight).*music...I wanna be a billionaire,so freakin baddd*

Ah well,no biggie.
I still remember bits and pieces, especially my heroine and hero's names and a few other main characters.
So I shall type it all in cyberspace,by composing in gmail and never sending it out till it's complete.
This way,if any laptop gets stolen etc,I'd still have a copy till I'm done!

The laptop is the only thing that was lost from my room.They didn't even bother to search around.So,it really helps having a messy room.They didn't even take the 100 SGD I hid under a notebook on my drawers.haha!

Anyhow,now I begin my search for a good PC.I figure it'll be harder for the robbers to take away,if there are others. Jiok says I can get a damn good one for RM3k.Sweet!

Monday, July 5, 2010

You Are Being Monitored

Don't we all wish we could monitor certain people?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

BBQ and Quarter Finals

I haven't had a good barbecue in a while,so when my colleague invited the team over to her house for a good ol' barbecue,I pretty much said, "Yes please!"
Sausages, marshmallows, different kinds of mushrooms, fish, prawns, some funky japanese "muachi" and we were in for a very solid meal of unhealthy!think of all the carcinogens you can pile into your body!

But not before showing off our singing skills to each other at a good ol' karaoke session!
Contrary to popular belief,THIS banana can actually sneak in a few chinese songs (mandarin mostly) and wow most people.
However,I gotta admit my chinese songs are waay wayyy rusty,so I think I'll be spending some time re-memorizing the songs like Tong Hua, Wu Ding, some Jay Chou Stuff and Wang Lee Hom stuff as well
Not to mention learning up the chorus of Qian Li Zhi Wai (Go listen to it,or ask me for it,i'll send it to you.The Chorus Guy Fei Yu Qing has some really cool vocals going on for himself)
Time to download some old faves as well,like Wo Bu Nan Guo

So,a good karaoke session in the afternoon, followed by a kickass bbq, how else to round out the day with...THE WORLD CUP!

just WOW
I hate to sound like I'm re-posting what the entire world thinks right now,but dang,this World Cup has thrown up a BUTTLOAD of surprises!almost all those who have been tagged as favourites have been put in their place,some convincingly,and some not quite so convincingly.

Uruguay beat Ghana(tough to call,but on penalties and a "hand of God")
The Dutch finally proved their mettle in the latter stages,with a comeback win against Brazil nonetheless!

Today I watched the Germans KICK Argentina's butt the way they kicked England's,and you gotta be wondering even if this young German team do not make it all the way,they'll definitely be a force to be reckoned with come Euro 2012 and WC 2014.
To quote my cousin, "AHAHAHAHAH.It don't matter how much support a country has. Germany will Four-Goals that country!"
If u ask me,this match is summarized in just a few words.
Messi didn't turn up for this match.Period.
Over reliant on him?perhaps Argentina are,for they didn't really play as a team and hoped for lots of individual brilliance in this match.Sadly, the Germans are way too efficient and the tactics from nose-picker Loew were spot on to nullify the attacking threats of Argentina. Brace yourself for all the "don't cry for me argentina" gags that are bound to come up in cyberspace.

I also stayed up to watch a pulsating match between Spain and Paraguay.Now this was a match well worth watching for the masterclass from xavi and iniesta, as well as some real good grit and teamwork from Paraguay

A tale of 2 penalties, both saved. But the 1st one was the turning point, and Cardozo stepped up, and Casillas saved Spain yet again.
Spain got themselves a penalty almost immediately after, and Xabi Alonso stepped up, and buried it!
But what?Oh?no! The ref has blown his whistle!Xabi Alonso has to take it again as the ref has deemed there has been encroachment upon the penalty area while the spot kick was taken.
Here we go again, Xabi Alonso!Saved by Villar,and the rebound cleared off the line by the defender!
No biggie,coz Spain has David Villa in RED-HOT form.
After some Xavi-Iniesta magic and perfect timing from Pedro who hits the post, Villa was on hand to ping-pong the rebound against both posts before the ball nestles into the corner.
Cue SIESSSTAAAAA!!!(i hope that means party in Spanish,or is it the resting period?)

pics below from soccernet, getty images
St Iker.Time to buy him in Championship Manager 2010

The victors and the vanquished.This photo really captures the moment
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