Monday, February 28, 2011

The Tragedy of Humanity

It is perhaps the greatest tragedy of being human when one convinces oneself that the person they love is indeed not in love with them at all.
And thus, one remains silent about it, leaving feelings unsaid.

In other news
I was strolling in pavilion today looking to grab some bread for my teatime and I was looking forward to a spicy meatfloss bun from breadstory
Now,I couldn't find it, and neither did the other store, Lavender have it(lavender had a spicy meatfloss roll.not as nice i think)
where have all the meatfloss buns gone?are they not in production anymore?it is scandalous to think that they are discontinuing the product which has brought much joy and satisfaction to yours truly.
I settled for a sausage bun and a chicken roll bun.not half bad.but nowhere near as blissful as TWO spicy meatfloss buns. what a suck day.

Rounding up the weekend.
I washed and polished my car with my own hands (well,mum and dad did help lots)
ZOMG. Yep. Hard labour.
Did it.
Actually thought it was quite nice.
Will I do it again?
Well,next weekend I should wash, polish and wax.
I'll pay someone to do it, unless I can get a waxing machine.
Coz boy,polishing my car takes a bit outta me, and even then I didn't get a fair amount of stains off(not enough elbow grease..bleah)

A friend of mine got married on Sat!
And this time, I went in proper attire,as my last wedding attendance turned out into a fashion faux pas (shorts n slippers. but I did wear a long sleeved shirt!Sorry Alina!)

This just in.
I did a bit of swimming today.finally!
Yes,I do know how to swim. didn't drown or swallow loads of water(just once or twice my timing was off)
It's like riding a bike.
Of course,most of it was the frogstyle(easiest and least tiring)
when I went freestyle....boy does that take a bit of energy!
I am quite out of shape!

Peering into the future.
In Mont Kiara, I has an event for my cardmembers.
Anyone else wanna buy a RM6mil-ish penthouse there?I can hook you up!
you get RM150k Bang & Olufsen electronic products for free!(I am told it is a grand total of 3 units. I guess 2 speakers and a subwoofer.Or 1 speaker, a sub, and a remote)
and pretty damn good home financing from Maybank as well!(judging from the reaction of the sales manager when she heard it)
So buy with Maybank loans.
Can I get some commission outta this?

What's after this?
Well, just build my fitness bit by bit. I am quite in the mood for another good swim session tomorrow.
but my board shorts are kinda wet, and it ain't fun pulling on a wet pair of board shorts when u wanna swim.just kills the mood man.
But I shall see...I shall see...
I should, shouldn't I?

Immediately now
I hunger.
time to pop something and down it all with good ol' water.
Then I tire
Will sleep after this.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dreams are not for the faint hearted

Ever think about your dreams?
I'm talking about the goals in your life.

Maybe it's a little dream, like "I will get into shape this year"

or a big one like, "I want to be a billionaire"

or an even bigger one "I want to teach Generation Z that books are better than computers"

or a downright funny one: "I vow to be less vague about stuff"

Having a get together with my friends and talking a little about goals in life got me coining this awesome quote that I thought of on the spot.

"Dreams are not for the faint hearted"
(Googled it as well just to make sure. such is the power of Google)

Because, to pursue your dreams, you're gonna need alot of hard work, sacrifice(time, social life, relationships), yada yada yada, especially if you've taken the path of a professional (doctor, lawyer, accountant)
You're thinking that perhaps you may not have it all like a loving spouse, 2 kids, big house with lawn, a dog,excellent social life, and when you have achieved the dreams in your life and you look beside you to find..your cell phone/blackberry buzzing away to tell you that you are needed in surgery/the're gonna feel empty inside.

But trust yourself that those are achievable ALONG the way of pursuing your dreams.
Some CAN have it all.Why not you?
Perhaps those who have it all understand the give and take of life, or those once consumed with work understood that they have achieved enough to walk away from the job to start a different dream.

As I posted a motivational picture before

"If you are looking for the love of your life, stop;
They will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love"

 Perhaps in ways much more different than you dreamed of, I might add

What is my dream?
Well,ask me over a cup of tea, and then I'll tell you my big picture.

Ever think before you speak?

When I heard this from my colleague (a certain fag called Ady)
I told him, this is so going on my blog (welcome 21st century)

Context (talking about his family chiropractor who has corrected him, his dad, his mom)
Quote:he even did my girlfriend!

Bravo champ, Bravo.
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