Monday, June 28, 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

There are only a few words that I can begin this post with

Dum. dum. dumm.., da da dummmmm
(that's the A-Team theme song btw)

The A-Team is just so many levels of awesome,I just had to go "DAMN this is awesome! at the end of the movie.
If Transformers was the breakthrough movie of 2007, Avatar of 2009, The A-Team is taking the cake for 2010 for me
I'd even have to rate it higher than Transformers!

(Ten years ago / In 1972), a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.

The 2010 movie poster.
Dripping with action movie goodness.

Gotta say,a pretty good opening sequence, explaining how the team gets together in Mexico.
With Hannibal getting beaten up by Mexican Police, B.A grabbing his Van,Face in a bathrobe stuck in a ring of tires, and Murdock treating B.A. and going crazy on a medical Helicopter
To quote Hannibal "There is no coincidence, only a plan"

This movie is great fun with some crazy stunts, quotable quotes, and of course, the good ol' humour that just tops it all off into a good wholesome package.

If you go to the Wiki page,it has a pretty good summary of the stuff they blow up and the crime they didn't commit,and their path to clear their name.

The class of 80's and the class of 10's. Gotta say that 2010 got it right with the cast and they delivered big time.
I just love it when a plan comes together

However,just a teensy bit disappointed that B.A. didn't deliver a "I pity the fool" line
Also,is it me or does the Faceman of the 80's look a bit like Steve Carell?

Please go to and grab some quotable quotes from there.I know I will

These guys specialize in the RIDICULOUS!
What's an action movie without some eye candy to go with it?
Jessica Biel delivers in spades with her performance as the hard-as-nails-but-dayamn-is-she-hot Captain Sosa
She is definitely my first pick to be Wonder Woman since she oozes sexy and strong.
Hope that role doesn't go to just another eye candy girl (read Megan Fox)

All in all,if you love a good action comedy flick with witty 1 liners and some great eye candy to boot
THIS IS IT (god bless Michael Jackson,the King of Pop)

Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup madness

That's why I love this Game
Sorry Italy,out you go for relying on old folks who aren't quite up to it

Toy Story 3-Super mega must watch!

If you ask me,they've outdone themselves again.
The Disney/Pixar 1-2 combo delivers hilarity pretty much throughout the entire duration of the movie,save for the ending,where there's a bit of a tearjerker/heartstring strumming where someone grows too old for toys,but is still attached to em'. Did I give the plot away? mebbeee....

This time around,the adventures involve most of the toys and less of the Woody/Buzz you've got a friend in me camraderie,which is probably a good thing,since it allows more screen time for some much loved favourites like the Potatoes.

Aaaaand,there's a whole host of new toys to play with!

Anyhow,lets tell a Toy Story with pictures from the Trilogy!(yes,it can now be dubbed a trilogy!)
How to get the Gal,Toy Story Style (Spolier Alert!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup coverage continued

More upsets!
And as I speak,USA is 2-0 down to Slovenia
this world cup is getting better and better!

France eating some spicy Mexican salsa
Germany going from smacking Ozzies 4-0 to losing 1-0(albeit,with 10 men.but a loss is a loss)

Too bad the hosts South Africa got served some by the Uruguayans.It would've been great for the hosts to at least still be in the mix for the last game of the group.Then it'll be real blood sweat and tears

However,the Argies are still on course for smacking everyone in front of them,but this World Cup is still so early to predict.

I love this game

Thursday, June 17, 2010

How do you say day 6 in uh..Swiss?

So Chile Beat Honduras
but THE big story
I knew there was a sign when I had Tapas for dinner today.
I really Pwned that Tapas so fast that they couldn't even say Uno Dos Tres

Every world cup has got to have an upset
Brazil,nervy winners against North Korea
England edgy drawers against USA
Italians held by the Paraguayans
only 1-0 for the Argentinians
No probs for Germany who've shown the roos that it's not all bout physicality

But the big-ass story so far
The Swiss Army Knife has finally used it's blades to rip open the Spanish Armada a new one
18 matches,Swiss Cheese ain't no match for Spanish Tapas
Come 2010 World Cup Group H opening match with the Spanish HEAVILY favoured

lets just use pics to do the talking
Sliding San Iker,sprawling Piquenbauer.1 standing Swiss Knife blade (Getty Images)

Different Camera Angles!but still pwned! (Getty Images)

Here's a pic that will still say..PWNED! (Either Getty or AP, I forget)

Will the South African team give cheer to their country?
hell yeah when you got balala la bamba on your team!

Opening goal baybeh! Balalalalabamba! (AP Photo)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 5,Proud to be Kiwi

For those of you who don't know,I am actually half Kiwi!
and I gotta say,even though I didn't watch the All-Whites battle it out with Slovakia, to be great underdogs and coming back from a goal down to hold a more fancied side

The last time I went to New Zealand was when I was 14,and my family and I celebrated New Year's there,in a port town called Kawhia (pronounced Ka-Fia) where my cousin stays with her family.
Kawhia is awesome,where you can cast a net and pick up some fish, and also go to the buoys and pick up some fresh mussels!(which I don't eat,but my cousins and 2nd cousins do.They ate some raw,by prying it open,adding a lil lemon juice and pop it in your mouth!Ugh....raw food.I'm no fan of raw food.More of that when we go through this blog)

Backtracking a little,when I was on the plane about to land in New Zealand,we zoomed over quite a fair bit of farmland,which were littered with lots of "maggots". These are of course,sheep grazing on the hills. But it was quite a sight. And I hear that there are more cows in New Zealand than people,so if there's ever a Planet of the Cows sort of evolutionary takeover,you betcha ass it's gonna be New Zealand that is the epicenter.

New Zealand is also seen as the place to do extreme sports.Sky Diving,Slingshotting, Para gliding, etc, NZ is the place to get it all. I think there's a place in Queensland(if i'm not mistaken) that has quite alot of these things.Me and my sis had ourselves a great time riding the carts on some real extreme downhill courses.However,we didn't have the guts to go assisted-para gliding.
Yeah,that's why we're half Malaysian.still sensible enough to balance out the whacked out Kiwi in us.

Anyways,enough about NZ travels,here's some World Cup stuff!

Get booked for taking of your shirt? Well worth it if you've just scored the equalizer at the FRICKIN WORLD CUP!Congratulations All-Whites! (Winston Reid ladies and gents) courtesy of Getty Images

The days' other match. 0-0 Portugal V Ivory Coast.
Kinda another bore-draw at the World Cup.But in the Group of Death,you'd expect cautious approaches.
Yaya Toure: I'mma kick the ball so hard like dis!
Ronaldo: Yeah?Well I'mma kick the ball HARDER and make a funny face like DIS! WACHHHAAA!

*signing off coz I ain't catching the Brazil match.
Hope they score a few nice goals.
Sorry Korean republic,but you have a monumental task.
I wish you good luck!

World Cup,Day 3 and 4

Slovenia vs Algeria - 1-0
Someone played in between
Germany played and kicked Australia's ass (sorry ozzies) 4 frickin nil
(didn't Germany kick someone's ass 4-0 on opening day at the last world cup as well?)

damn,blogging bout the frickin matches ain't at all easy at all.
I guess the first 2 games are forgetful,so I ain't bothered about them

But man,the Germany Australia game was great fun to watch.Glad I stayed up to watch it,though it did exhaust me a tad on Monday Blues back-to-work mode.

I did manage to get through the day unscathed though,and quickly cleared up my stuff to go home early to watch the dutch-denmark game (double d game...*snigger*)
I was really looking forward to some Total Football,but alas, the first 20 mins was kinda well, in the wise words of Jorge Valdano, it's a shit on a stick.
Since I was exhausted from the German Ozzie game,I pretty much fell asleep only to awake the next morning.Bleh
So I missed the rest of the match, and the jap cameroon one as well!!

Anyhow,the dutch beat denmark courtesy of some REALLLY good luck (and poor defending for the first)
Pinball heading defending for the first own goal of the tournament, and then Dirk Kuyt being in the right place at the right time to stab home the "off-the-post" rebound from Ryan Babel.

Japs beat the Ozzies 1-0,which at least gave corporate Japan something else to think about other than being fat (check the link below!)

The Italians boredrawed their way with Paraguay

Welp,that's it for day 4 that I didn't catch much of
Next post!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup,day 2

Day 2
Korea V Greece - 2-0 Win!
Argentina V Nigeria - 1-0 Win!
England V USA - 1-1 ...draw.......

I didn't watch the 2nd half of the France Uruguay Match.
Thank God I didn't wake myself up for that after I checked the scores online
Nil frickin Nil-What a snoozefest!
The first half was a real bore to begin with,can't comment much coz I pretty much was half asleep most of the time.

Aaanyways,I wake up in the afternoon to the call of me college friend Mr. Putt putt(nickname)
Why he call?Well,we're going to Sepang Gold Coast today to hang out and have some food!
Sepang Gold Coast is actually a beach,and yes,there is another beach in KL/Selangor that is not named Port Dickson!
Now this place is like the middle of nowhere,and we went through quite a few kampungs and small towns,small roads,past LOTSA Sime Darby land (guess what they plant there!)
We even passed a cemetary...spooky...
So we arrived at the beach,and they actually have a cool looking resort with chalets on the sea(like Legend Water Homes) but it's way further out than LWH. I gotta see if my travel agent friend has got some deals on the chalet furthest out there.

Aanyways,here's some pics I stole from Soccernet,courtesy of GettyImages


f!@#*!@#&^*ggg NOOOOB!

Heinze, not just good tomato and barbecue sauce (he's somewhere in the mob,i think)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Talking World Cup,What Else

Get a load of World Cup Coverage freshly peeled from the perspective of Everyone's Favourite Banana!

First Match
South Africa (Hosts) vs Mexico (lacking midfielders,apparently)

I gotta say,learning the names of the SA players was quite cool,and their Goalscorer,Tshabalala,reminds me very much of...

Balalala la bamba!balalala la bamba!
Tshabalala,not doing the La Bamba.(picture courtesy of Omar Torres/Getty Images)

However,his celebration was definately rehearsed with his teammates when they gathered near the corner flag:
Tshabalala: Hey my good chaps.If I score, let us mimic a bus driver eh?
Teammates: Which way do we turn the wheel?
Tshabalala:I think we make a right turn. RIGHT TURN GEDDIT?
*whole team chortles
*Pareirra not amused
*note,this is purely assumption,but I may not be far off.

In short,Mexico started brightly,both slightly tepid in the middle.However it picked up and the game started to open up as defences got sloppy and a 1 goal apiece was conceded.Fair enough for both teams I'd say,and SA coulda even won it in the end!

Backtracking a little,
Actually,when I went to Great Eastern to get me a bag of chips,I struck up a conversation with the guy waiting for his stuff to be tallied in front of me.He's from Turkey,and says he'll just watch it for fun.

The amazing thing was,I told him it'd be a draw(It turned out to be true!)and now I bet he's at home thinking,"Damn,I shoulda listened to the chinese guy.He sure knows a thing or 2 about football!"

Anyhow,it's time for France V Uruguay!
Lets hope for a kickass time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Only in New York,I think

I'm Also a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Cookie-dough

Thin girl #1, in front of ice cream fridge: Oh no, I shouldn't get any. I'm fat enough already.
Thin girl #2: Bitch, do not say stupid shit like that. You look fine.
Thin girl #1: No, you don't get it! I only look skinny. I have no muscle definition at all, it's all fat. I'm marbled. It's a trick.
Thin girl #2: So you're like... A stealth fatty?
Thin girl #1: I'm a chub ninja. I walk amongst skinny people undetected.

--Whole Foods, Union Square

Was browsing around this website:

some hilarious stuff there.some not quite so believable,but some i'm pretty sure did happen,like the above

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Streamsucksx but can access blogspot

Like,what the hell man
Why can't I connect to Facebook and it's games and a whole host of other websites I frequent like, etc?

Is it banned already?
However,I can access blogspot stuff mostly

Came across this random blogger and guess what!He blogs about the good ol' haw flakes us malaysians all know and love!
It's quite nice to see asian foods getting covered by a gwailou,and their thoughts on it.

Check out the guy's post below and other stuff he blogs about(though maybe not so interesting)

Milk in the morning

Ugh...god,please don't make my  tummy rumble during the morning rush hour just coz I drank a glass of milk in the morning
seriously not funny

However,this is:
Yeap,that's why Catholics all over the world idolize the dude.He's a legendary rocker

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I know I like bacon,I know you like bacon,I know you know I know you and I like bacon
I know I like mayo,I know you like mayo,I know you know I know you and I like mayo

What better way to enjoy the best of BOTH worlds than with BACONNAISE!(The name is so simple,yet so majestic)
The genius who thought this up deserves the Nobel Peace prize,for I can forsee people rejoicing in the streets,hugging each other and forgetting all hate and all selfishness,for there is now bacon and mayo in spreadable goodness.
The people celebrate

Baconnaise has just replaced the dog as man's best friend.

Just imagine,you can put it in sandwiches,on bacon,on eggs,on toast,on burgers,on fries...the list is endless

And one more for good measure:
Even lambs are frolicking for Baconnaise (coz they don't know better.I'm sure lamb chops and Baconnaise tastes real good)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Angthong National Marine Park, Thailand!

The next place I super wanna go that isn't too far away

Angthong National Marine Park, Thailand!
Picture shamelessly stolen from a friend

I quote her:
"Firefly has cheap bargains. My flight+accom to Koh Samui for 5D4N was slightly more than RM1000 per person"

Sounds alright to me

Bonus bonus please come quick
Coz I wanna take a dip
In the seas of Koh Samui
What else rhymes with Samui?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sepak Takraw

Y'lnow,sepak takraw has always been one of the traditional sports played in Malaysia.And during the lead up to SPM,where stress and whatnot supposedly takes its toll, I joined my friends' in playing a few rounds of sepak takraw.
Now it ain't easy to play mind you.As the bottom picture depicts


We all wanted to do this,but sadly,the skills to "lipat" didn't really happen,but the attempts to do so were lotsa fun.
So instead,we mostly played amatuer volleyball,but with our feet.You know,where all we do is knock the ball back and forth and earn points off the mistakes of the other team.

I loved SPM time.The teachers won't bother you much with homework(but there were lotsa reviews,which thankfully were only confined to school hours,not after school.phew)

Airplanes Pt. 2

Well,I thought that Airplanes was quite a nice song,but the part 2 with Eminem in it just blows me away with its' lyrics.
I'm pretty sure lotsa people out there diss rapping as not being music.Maybe they're right,but they sure as hell can tell a great story with their lyrics.

Through their songs, you can get a glimpse into what they had to go through to make it big,and the path ain't easy at all.kudos

(Hayley Williams)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now
Wish right now
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now
Wish right now
(Of fallin’)
(Of fallin’)
Let’s pretend like it’s ’98
Like I’m eatin’ lunch off of Stryofoam trays
Tryna be the next rapper comin’ out the A (A-Town)
Hoping for a record deal to ignore my pain
Now let’s pretend like I’m on the stage
And when my beat drops, everybody goes insane
(Okay) And everybody know my name (B.o.B)
And everywhere I go, people wanna hear me sing
Oh, yeah, I just dropped my new album
On my first week, I did 500,000 (Yes)
Gold in the spring, and diamond in the fall
And then a world tour just to top it all off
And let’s pretend that they call me the greatest
Sellin’ out arenas with big-ass stages
And everybody loved me, and nobody hated
Just tryna use imagination
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars? (Shooting stars)
I could really use a wish right now (Wish right now)
Wish right now (Wish right now)
Wish right now (Wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars? (Shooting stars)
I could really use a wish right now (Wish right now)
Wish right now (Wish right now)
Wish right now (Wish right now)
(Okay) Let’s pretend like this never happened
Like I never had dreams of being a rapper
Like I didn’t write raps up in all of my classes
Like I never used to run away into the blackness
Now, let’s pretend like it was all good (Good)
Like I didn’t live starin’ in the notebook (Notebook)
Like I did the things that I prolly knew I should (Should)
But I ain’t have neighbors, that’s why they call it hood
(Yeah) Now let’s pretend like I ain’t got a name
Before they ever called me B.o.B or AKA Bobby Ray
I’m talkin’ back before the mixtapes
Before the videos and the deals and the fame
Before they ever once compared me to Andre (Three Stacks)
Before I ever got on MySpace
Before they ever noticed my face
So let’s just pretend
And make wishes out of airplanes
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars? (Shooting stars)
I could really use a wish right now (Wish right now)
Wish right now (Wish right now)
Wish right now (Wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars? (Shooting stars)
I could really use a wish right now (Wish right now)
Wish right now (Wish right now)
Wish right now (Wish right now)
And it seems like yesterday
It was just a dream
But those days are gone
They’re just memories
And it seems like yesterday
It was just a dream
But those days are gone
Let’s pretend Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen
Let’s pretend things would’ve been no different
Pretend he procrastinated, had no motivation
Pretend he just made excuses that were so paper-thin
They could blow ‘way with the wind
Marshall, you’re never gonna make it
Makes no sense to play the game, ain’t no way that you’ll win
Pretend he just stayed outside all day and played with his friends
Pretend he even had a friend to say was his friend
And it wasn’t time to move and schools weren’t changin’ again
He wasn’t socially awkward and just strange as a kid
He had a father and his mother wasn’t crazy as shit
And he never dreamed that he could rip stadiums
And just lazy as shit
Fuck a talent show in a gymnasium, bitch
You won’t amount to shit, quit daydreamin’, kid
You need to get your cranium checked
You’re thinkin’ like an alien, it just ain’t realistic
Now pretend that they ain’t just make him angry with this shit
And there was no one he could even aim when he’s pissed at
And his alarm went off to wake him
But he didn’t make it to the Rap Olympics
Slept through his plane and he missed it
He’s gon’ have a hard time explaining to Hailie and Laney
These food stamps and this WIC shit
‘Cause he never risked shit, he hoped and he wished it
But it didn’t fall in his lap, so he ain’t even here
He pretends that
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now
Wish right now
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now
Wish right now

Quotes of the day

Anytime you feel down,please remember this doggy and his quote

Perv it like Beckham:)

Haha,Beckham is an everyday man.
Evidence below:)
Vick's ain't too happy eh?

Friday, June 4, 2010

A&W - not so fast food

Gotta hand it to Ivan,my colleague, to come up with a quotable quote of the day.
While we were lining up to have us some A&W today for lunch,there was only ONE cash register open.
So you could imagine there was a bit of a line going on there and it wasn't moving along quite fast.

Since we were bored, we started talking nonsense, and I saw that they only had 1 pocket of fries left waiting for its' poor fate.

So Ivan,being the full of crap guy,says:

Do you know why it's called A&W? It's coz you Ask & Wait. When you Ask for your fries,you gotta Wait for it.

So now,A&W has got a tagline that the funny t-shirt guy in Central Market can use.
I guess I should share it with him and take a cut of the sales of the shirt.

Catching Up with Friends

It is great to catch up with a couple of friends' whom you haven't met in the last five years.
What makes it better is that they're from another country,and they were down here for a holiday.
Add to the fact that they called to tell me they're in town and would like to meet up after all these years is even better still!
Who are these friends' and where are they from?

Welp,they are Saad and Shahed, 2 great folks hailing all the way from Bangladesh(yes,you heard right people)
No,they aren't factory workers.Bangladesh does have other things going for them other than supplying factory workers/construction site workers to the world.

They were in fact some of my first friends' in college(when I started out at Taylor's)
And boy are they fun to hang out with!

So after all these years,the regular question pops up.Have they changed much?what are they doing now etc?
well,first question,not much changed in terms of appearance AND personality.They're still the fun loving guys,but with a grown up edge,now that they are responsible chaps running their own businesses.

I also got to meet Shahed's girlfriend,who hails from Nepal(yes,you read that right as well!) and she's quite a darling as well.better treat her well man
Now I know who to call when I decide to conquer Mt. Everest

Anyhow,it was interesting to catch up with how everyone's been, about work, joking about our college days (man did we have some great times then),talking about each others' countries etc.

Since I'm not marrying anytime soon,I'll be attending their weddings.
This is my promise to them.

So I look forward to that day guys.
Great meeting up with fellers today. Cheers!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sappy Corner open for business

Ya know,sometimes you just come across really nice stuff about love on the net.
I found these,of all places,on the daily humour facebook group.

I'd like to open up another topic,the Sappy Corner,coz I am a hopeless romantic at times.

(be sure to check out the website on the picture)
This is the kind of stuff that movies are made of. The soulmate type,from kids to old,what most people might have given a thought of at least at stage 1 or 2.
I wonder if I'll ever meet up with a girl from kindergarten.Since I left,I've never kept in contact with any of them.But I do remember this 1 chick(yeah,I already had a crush when I was like,5 or 6)I think her name was Eleanor,and she had her hair in pigtails.Unfortunately,the last memory I have of her,was when she had a big bruise on 1 of her cheeks.Then I remember not liking her for a bit coz of the egg sized shape lump on her cheek.bahahahahaha!
Now,I wonder if she ever comes across this blog,reads this post,what will her reaction be like?
Ah,the romantic if's and but's.
On to the next picture!

Almost everyone dearly wishes for the above scenario to come true.Me too.And you,nodding while reading this.
Happily ever after.

Romance blooms:)

*p.s. I realise that this post comes after the 2 posts about disasters.
But love guides us,strengthens our hearts,to face insurmountable odds.
Hope springs eternal

The End of the Sea?

Well,much ado has been made about the oil spill on the other side of the earth (in the Gulf of Mexico, by a ruptured oil pipeline thingamajig. Yes,I just googled to make sure I am talking sense)

For a little bit more info on how they're trying to solve it and the effects it's having on BP stocks (there's a video of the environmental costs.I dare not push the play button,coz I estimate Gulf of Mexico will take decades of healing,and will never be the same again)

anyway,this picture I saw,from via the facebook group "Daily Humour", really drove the point home:

Yeap,you saw right folks.
Even Spongebob couldn't escape the wrath of BP

Aaaaanyhooo!Sing with me!
Who died in an oil spill because of BP?

How to sing Spongebob Squarepants: click below!

Sinkholes aren't fun

Well,I may be a little late behind the news,but today I trudged into work,limping (courtesy of a heinous tackle by some unnamed No.10 while playing football. Don't you worry,the karma gods will rip your ACL's and dangle them in front of you while you watch and end up wasting your life in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.yes,ANGRY I AM.Didn't even have the courtesy to say sorry as well.It was up to his team captain who came over and apologized.kudos to him,big fat *blek* at No.10)

Anyways,at the end of the day,I limp over to my colleagues' spot,and he mentioned the Sinkhole tragedy that has happened(we talked a little about it over lunch,now he's gonna show me pics and the news)

This happened in Guatemala ladies and gents. Not a pretty sight AT ALL.
Death toll estimated 175 and going up. Hurricane Agatha is the cause for this tragedy.
I sort of know a Guatemalan (My sisters' friend,Chinese Guatemalan btw) I sure hope her family is safe and sound.

Pic 1: close to the hole,you can see a house or 2 can fit snugly in there (Pic courtesy of Getty images on

Zoom out a bit,and you can REALLY see what a monster this Sinkhole is!(again from Getty,

While Googling,I found this image that explains how a sinkhole happens. I didn't open the website source,so I cite Google. Moral of the story?don't live over caves with limestone.

But hey,not all sinkholes are bad.Ancient ones such as this has provided a pretty neat mini valley type pretty scene. I gotta find out where this is (think about that cartoon, the land before time and you sorta think it's a massive sinkhole when you look at this pic) Citing Google coz I was lazy to open the website.

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