Thursday, June 30, 2011

dlogs (like, for Dream Blogs yo)

what better way to start posting again than to have an online archive of the weird crap that happens when the eyes close and the mind starts going into fantasyland

This is one from the night of the 26th I think
I dreamt that I was in highschool and recess time is almost over (hitting 2pm), but I haven't eaten yet.
so are 2 of my classmates. But one of them says, "nah, let's just go eat. If they catch us, then we'll say we're sorry lor"
So there we were off to recess.
I went to the store that sorta sells the "yong tau foo" kinda stuff.
and boy did I take my time selecting my stuff.very indecisive then
finally when I did get my food, I went over to where my friends were sitting. They were already digging into a bowl of curry laksa each.
The End

This is one from the night of the 28th
so yday I dreamt I was at a pals wedding at some place, and I was commenting that no one's after me. then the person I was speaking to at my table mentions there's someone eager to talk to me and points left. To which a cute girl is there looking like she's bursting to tell me something. So when I chatted with her,suddenly I'm taking her flying ala Peter Pan style.
seriously....anyone good at deciphering dreams?

This is the night of the 29th
so yesterday, I had a completely random dream again
but I can't remember much
Involved my sis n I running through abandoned terrain to our car, parked in a multi-level put money into the damn parking meter.
We were just outta time by the time we reached our car.
like, literally just meters away, the damned thing started blinking *countdown to 4:02..4:01..4:00(starts blinking)*
care to explain folks?

let's see what I come up with tonight!
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