Monday, July 4, 2011

The dreams continue

This time in dreamland, I am whisked away to the land Down Under in a place that I assume is Sydney
Why is that?
Well, this time I am going to play volleyball with my friends from University of Tech, Sydney.
We will be having a match against some other dudes.
I seriously had some great camera panning action in my dream, from a floor-up sweep across our team who were in a line.
And a zoom out view of where we were playing. An outdoor volleyball court in a park which looked quite like one in Sydney.
got some shots of folks spikin the ball from the side,top of the net.
Anyhow..seems in this dream I have not arrived yet at the venue for the game.
there I am rushing up some stairs(from the train station I presume) to get to the park with some grocery bags and with my wallet and handphone in the bags.
I reach the top of the stairs and before I leave the stairs, I put down my groceries for some reason and walk out to check if I'm at the right station.
When I get back, *boom* the grocery bags are gone and I have lost my wallet and hp.yippie ky-aye

Scene change.It seems I'm in a hotel (it's got some old-school decor and there's the concierge guy with white gloves and a suit. There's the old school analog phone too)
Now I'm using the phone to call the American Express to report my stolen credit card and to get a replacement one.However,it seems that I am having trouble with the customer service rep...uh oh.
after this, I can't remember much..and I have the feeling that I'm floating in and out of the dream, like I am half awake while dreaming this dream.
and tadaaa,I'm awake!
It seems the 2nd part of the dream,where I am in a hotel has something to do with the Amex Platinum Dining Deals at Shangri-la(expired 30th June, and my bosses are calling me about the which it will be sorted on Monday..phew.Yes,more work-related dreams)

But the 1st part of the dream.
Wtf man....

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