Sunday, July 3, 2011

Everyday I'm dreaming

Ok....I'm a little concerned here.
I am beginning to notice that I am having a dream almost every day since last week.
Must be coz when I am still dreaming and half-awake stage(you know,when your dream gets interrupted by the damn alarm or sunlight), I realise I can remember a fair bit of the dream.

Well,last night I had a 2 part dream..sort of.
The first part consisted of me playing some golf on a course, and finding golf not too easy at all.
Perhaps it's coz I was using just an iron for all my shots, with a jet black club-head and shaft (I thought it looked real cool in my dream)
Naturally, I struggled with my game, and of course as a gentleman of the game, you let other golfers who've caught up pass you by while you slowly make your way to the green.
Mind you, the chaps that passed me were quite courteous.No condescending remarks at all.
Just a "thank you" and walk by.
This thing about this dream is that I could really feel the weight of the iron and the action of swinging the club and connecting with the ball to land it near the pin. Very real dreams indeed.

The 2nd part is a little more vague.
perhaps not much mention needed...but what happened is this:
Scene: Bunch of people gathered around a desk, with a whiteboard behind it. Now this whiteboard will show you your numbers and who you will be rooming with (for what I don't know)
Guess who I got?
NICKI MINAJ! ahahahahah!
Now I attribute this to the fact that I was viewing her videos on youtube an hour or so before sleeping.
So definitely, my recent memories have been included in my dreamworld.
Fascinating stuff isn't it?

Any dreams you've had lately folks?

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